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16 Biggest Reasons to Invest in CodeIgniter Development Services

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PHP, being the most recognized programming language, has given birth to several frameworks helping developers to build high-quality web applications. PHP-based frameworks are known to faster the development work, provide simple to use features, and hold the ability to build feature-rich applications like ecommerce. There are several recognized Open-Source frameworks, which means, they are completely free to use and boost free web development.

Amongst these frameworks, CodeIgniter is the most recognized & used as it offers cost-effective and hassle-free web development in addition to quick support. The framework is backed by rich libraries supporting rapid development in comparison to manual coding from scratch. The framework is easy to customize as per business needs. Read the blog to learn what makes CodeIgniter a perfect framework for web app development and the key reasons to invest in CodeIgniter development services.

Being a leading CodeIgniter Framework Development Company, we believe investing in CodeIgniter web services is a perfect option for rapid application development. Below are major reasons to hire CodeIgniter web development services:

Important Reasons to Avail of CodeIgniter Development Services

1. Open-source Framework

CodeIgniter is an open-source web application development framework. It is recognized for its simple programming and fast development approach.

2. MVC Architecture

Most of the PHP frameworks are configured with MVC architecture. If it does not, then take a step to configure it. An MVC architecture-based framework is perfect to build large, as well as complex applications. It allows you to separate and manage the code using MVC. CodeIgniter framework has a system to use the MVC pattern which helps to avoid baseless implementation.

3. Trustworthy Framework

CodeIgniter comes with attributes making it a premier choice for web developers to build PHP-based websites or web applications.

4. Light-weight and Efficient

CI is preferred by both startups & established brands because it is lightweight. It has a small footprint, and ensures improved efficiency by supporting PHP developers to write codes without any bugs.

5. Fast Processing

Fast processing is important for web application development. CodeIgniter PHP web development framework guarantees fast execution to complete projects on time.

6. Security

This is an important reason why businesses look to invest in CodeIgniter web services. CI offers high-end security features to keep web application safe from threats. PHP developers can enable global variables without relying on the PHPs global directive. Furthermore, CI also supports Cookie encryption, handling of session data with databases, and automatic addressing of SQL queries.

7. Easy-to-Use Interface

CI comes with a user-friendly interface helping web developers to perform coding without facing any unnecessary trouble, unlike other PHP frameworks.

8. Minimum Coding

CodeIgniter contains fewer coding needs to deliver custom CodeIgniter development services to businesses.

9. No Update Issue

All the functions in this PHP framework contain wrappers so the PHP developers need not worry about the conflict of the current PHP version updates.

10. Database Abstraction Layer

CI has a database abstraction layer guiding developers to create, insert, delete, and update without writing SQL codes. This makes it simple to connect multiple databases within one application, like MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, and MySQLi.

11. Proper Error Handling

Handling errors and running the code accurately are important concerns of PHP web developers. CodeIgniter framework ensures simple and efficient error handling.

12. Easy Template Solutions

CodeIgniter helps developers to build web applications or websites by focusing on the content apart from design.

13. Availability of Cache Class

The presence of Cache Class makes it simple to get the result when any option is clicked in a web application without the code execution.

14. Community Support

CodeIgniter has a vast community, any CodeIgniter framework development company or developer can avail of support when facing any issue or contribute to the community.

15. Clear and Precise Documentation

CI users can think of innovative ways to deliver CodeIgniter web services with the guidance of clear, simple to understand, and complete documentation that is present.

16. In-built Libraries and Helpers

CodeIgniter web development framework comes integrated with default functions including Arrays, Cookies, Forms, File handling, Strings, and Directories. It help developers to code smoothly. CI has a rich set of libraries and helpers. It is also simple to create a custom library or helper, customize the existing one, and use it in the future with the help of Expression Engine.

Final Note

Thus, these are key reasons why it is relevant to choose CodeIgniter for website or web application development. CI is preferred by several businesses for PHP-based web application development. The reason for such popularity is because of its light-weightiness supporting developers to build application that efficiently handles large volume of data in a secure and reliable way.

If you’re looking to build a PHP-based website or application, you may approach our CodeIgniter framework development company for professional and personalized assistance.


1. Is the CodeIgniter PHP framework fast?

The CodeIgniter framework is really fast. There’s no PHP framework with better performance than CodeIgniter.

2. Is CodeIgniter a CMS?

No, CodeIgniter is not a CMS (Content Management System). However, it is a starting point for new CodeIgniter projects that require handy tools like User Management with Role-based access control, modular codebase based on MVC pattern, robust, parent/child capable theme engine, etc.

3. Is CodeIgniter good for building large, complex applications?

Investing in CodeIgniter web services is an ideal option for both large-scale and small-scale businesses. Since CI has MVC architecture, it is possible to build large, complex web applications using CI.

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