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Which is a Better Framework for you – CodeIgniter Vs CakePHP?

CodeIgniter Vs CakePHP

Today, the digital marketplace is flooded with countless frameworks that are used to build websites & applications. All these frameworks are known to offer innovative feature-set and rich functionality that are effective to take your online business to new heights.

As we are aware of the fact, PHP is a reputed server-side scripting language. It comes with plethora of frameworks. CakePHP, and CodeIgniter are the two most popular PHP frameworks that are recommended to create sites and web applications. If you are planning for an engaging web application development and unable to decide the framework to choose, then this post will guide you in a better way. Here, all major points are discussed for better selection between CodeIgniter Development Services & CakePHP services for web application development. Read the complete blog carefully for a smart business decision.

Introduction to CodeIgniter

It is a PHP-driven framework comprising of a numerous libraries, plug-ins, and tools, simplify the PHP syntax and ease the PHP code alongside underpinning the MVC technique. Its benefits are multiple comprising hassle-free migration, smooth configuration, tractability and addition of latest functionality.

Introduction to CakePHP

It is based on the MVC architecture that follows ORM techniques and make the custom web app development plain-sailing. It is supported by a strong & vivid community of developers and it is compatible with all the versions of the PHP programming language.

Key Differences of CodeIgniter Vs CakePHP

1. Simplicity

CodeIgniter is best known for its approach to simplicity. The web application development when done with the use of CI framework, loading is mostly done in libraries, work is performed within the controller and pulling in the view. Everything is transparent and one can see how things get completed in CI.

On the other hand, with use of CakePHP, the coding becomes simpler, but to know more, the developer need to go deep into the core. Otherwise, knowledge of how the things are working is a bit challenging.

2. Scaffolding

Both the frameworks are integrated with the scaffolding feature, but their working is completely different. CakePHP scaffolding helps the developers to define the process objects are linked to each other and can easily create or break the links. In addition, developers can define and build a web application, which can create, update, access and delete the objects.

CodeIgniter scaffolding offers the fastest means to add, modify or clear the details from the database during web development. This feature is perfect for the CodeIgniter customization services which is a popular service these days.

3. Code Generation

In the CodeIgniter, no basic prerequisite is needed to generate the code as it won’t have any code generation from the console. Developers have to do efforts to find the plug-in.

CakePHP is gifted with Bake console that supports the development of models, controllers, and views. Due to which developing a full-fledged application becomes a task of a few minutes.

4. Validation

MVC model ensures data validation is highly significant. In CodeIgniter, the set of rules mentioned and allocated to the objects, validates the every data passes in the form of URL or web form. Validation class also support the validation process by showcasing the fixed error messages.

In CakePHP, separate test for every field’s variable is validated and later declared. For a simple web application it’s perfect, but for complex stuff, it becomes awkward.


CodeIgniter implements a streamlined process much like developing a web application from the scratch. It aids the user to build templates, but does not offer much flexibility beyond the built-in view.

CakePHP, on the other hand, supports a default layout. With the integration of automation, it is easy for the developers to automatically add controllers to views and models. It is even possible to define the layout. Caching mechanisms are, better in CodeIgniter as compared to CakePHP.

6. Auto-Loading

CodeIgniter supports automatic loading of helpers, libraries and plug-ins but this makes the application sized. But consulting CodeIgniter maintenance & support can surely help you deal with the situation.

CakePHP support application-level changes to be made via basic application controls derived from all other controllers. Auto-loading helpers and components are easy to mention at the individual control level.

Wrapping Up

After going through the detailed comparison between the frameworks, it would be easier for you to decide which one to opt for your web application development project. In general, the choice relies on the functionality of a particular framework and how effectively it can be utilized in the project. Thus, pick the framework in accordance with your development needs to lower time and cost involved.

You can hire CodeIgniter developer from a top-rated web development company that is an expert in all the PHP frameworks. Being in the industry for a long time, give additional boost to your project. Backed by other developers, hundreds of PHP projects are completed successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CodeIgniter used for?

CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC framework used for developing web applications rapidly. CodeIgniter provides out of the box libraries for connecting to the database and performing various operations like sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, etc.

2. Is CodeIgniter fast?

CodeIgniter is plenty fast for most projects. Some have posted here and if you Google, you will find that it compares favorably to other frameworks with respect to speed. The major frameworks all have sufficient performance for most projects.

3. Is CodeIgniter good for large applications?

There are a few PHP frameworks available and out of them all CodeIgniter is one of the most popular and best frameworks. This is a good option for large scale as well as small scale businesses. If you are looking towards creating a good business web application then this framework will give you a good solution.

4. How much would it cost to build my CodeIgniter web application?

The application development cost depends on several factors which we will only be able to gauge after we have understood your business requirement.

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