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CodeIgniter 4 Roadmap – How It is Revived?

CodeIgniter 4

How often do you change your tools for brand new and improved ones? And what approximately packages? It is said that it’s most advantageous to update an app every 3-four to months. The world of statistics technology is rapidly evolving and to have effectively labored a digital solution isn’t always sufficient to keep it, you ought to update it or maybe add some new capabilities for enhancing your purchaser’s enjoy.

But does it make sense to keep a tech that is decades away and no longer concerned to replace it? It can only be redeveloped or replaced through any other advanced technique. Let us provide you with an example in which a four-cylinder engine and jet engine are compared. With the primary one, you may be transferring around and feature low capacity on the other hand with the second you’ll have high capacity and reach your destination much faster. An equal parallel may be drawn between Codeigniter Web Services and the current frameworks, such as Laravel, wherein the former is an old engine and the latter is a jet engine. Implying, it is maneuverable and practically inconceivable to others.

So let’s examine the scenario from a distinct perspective. Like any other framework, Codeigniter Web Services is a device for a developer to start with. A developer evaluates the framework in numerous methods:

  • Ease of getting into the improvement the use of this device (clean to research and start);
  • Framework range of alternatives;
  • Performance of framework;
  • The ability that a framework offers developers.

Why People CI is Dead

In the start, we get to know that developers prefer flexibility due to the fact the more flexibility they have the much less a framework controls developer within the automated mode. The much less automated control the higher the risk of:

  • To make mechanical mistakes within the development;
  • Take liberties and cheat.

In the first case, it hurts the velocity of assignment improvement, an awful lot of time could be spent from the instant the mistake is made until it is going to be located.

In the other case, it negatively influences mission preservation, mainly it’s a complex one wherein concerned a crew of developers. You will have a readable and helping code as lengthy a structure of the task and its base architecture is monitored through approaches that Professional CodeIgniter Developers must observe.

In the cutting-edge PHP atmosphere, in which most frameworks resemble Java more than the PHP of some years in the past, we think there’s an actual niche in the marketplace for a framework that is brief, simple, and easy to use, however, still gives you all the strength of modern PHP functions.

Where is CodeIgniter Now

A couple of years ago CodeIgniter was acquired by The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and became open-sourced. This gave the network the possibility to take control of the development of the framework and started out pushing it ahead.

With a network-driven group in the region, model 3 became quickly finished and released. Version 3 turned into an incremental launch so development was quickly mapped out for a sincerely new version of CodeIgniter. This version has brand new PHP features but nonetheless will let you broaden an easy app stop to quit.

Improvement on version 4 has been sluggish, however, very well considered. The launch of a public strong model is getting an increasing number, and can possibly be launched later this year or early subsequent year.

If we go back to talking about CodeIgniter, then we can say that it attracted developers due to its traits for early Professional CodeIgniter Developers:

  • Easy to research;
  • The exact range of templates (except the availability of in-built template);
  • Quite properly performance;
  • Enough flexibility for a developer.

Ending Note

CodeIgniter is very much alive right now. At present, online shops are a part of a prime function on this converting global. With more and more groups choosing eCommerce structures, it is crucial to make yours stand out from a number of competitors. CodeIgniter 4 is one of the most suitable PHP frameworks for eCommerce web packages.

In preferred, the PHP developers can use a range of extra capabilities by means of choosing Laravel. However, the novices have to place greater time and effort to examine and use Laravel successfully. So in case you are searching out the proper framework for your digital solution, it is preferred to get in touch with a Codeigniter Framework Development Company and choose the tool so that it will let you update, enlarge, and remodel your app easily.


Q1. Is it possible to upgrade CI 3 legacy projects to Codeigniter 4 without the main overhaul?

No. It is more about conversion than only an easy upgrade. There may be no backward compatibility consistent with use. For more information, we suggest you request a session with a Codeigniter Framework Development Company that will help you to discover the proper solution to your difficulty.

Q2. What kind of Database CI can support?

CodeIgniter 4 can support a few popular databases, but it doesn’t let you use any specific functions for simplifying database schema migration. Following Databases supported are allowed with the aid of Codeigniter Frameworks MySQL (5.1+) through the MySQL (deprecated), MySQLi and PDO drivers Oracle through the oci8 and PDO drivers PostgreSQL via the Postgre and PDO drivers MS square via the MsSQL, Sqlsrv (model 2005 and above most effective) and PDO drivers SQLite through the SQLite (model 2), sqlite3 (model three) and PDO drivers CUBRID thru the Cubridand PDO drivers Interbase/Firebird through the iBase and PDO drivers ODBC via the ODBC and PDO drivers (you ought to know that ODBC is absolutely an abstraction layer)

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