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Must Follow Codeigniter Best Practices for Robust Web App Development

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Mobile app and web development have undergone a drastic change with respect to emerging technologies and updated frameworks. Digitization of business has become a growing norm to stay operational during any circumstance and compete against the rising competition. PHP is the most acquired programming language which is used to develop scalable, robust, and secure multi-level websites and apps. Relation to this, CodeIgniter is the most sought-after PHP framework that empowers developers to utilize extensive toolsets and functionalities to craft exquisites websites. Over here, we will be looking at the best to follow practices of CodeIgniter for custom web development.

But before that let’s dive into some basic understanding of the CodeIgniter framework.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP MVC framework. MVC stands for Model View Controller which is a logical architecture of the application that includes the following:

  • Model: It comprises business logics using effective functioning through computations and databases among others.
  • View: It presents the data provided by the models.
  • Controller: It acts as a connector between the model and the view.

CodeIgniter framework consists of a plethora of libraries and packages allowing developers to connect databases to perform diverse functionalities. It includes session management, file uploading, sending emails, and more. Hire CodeIgniter developer to create dynamic and robust applications.

Top Benefits of Using CodeIgniter Framework

CodeIgniter is one of the widely used PHP framework ideally used to develop fully functional and fast operational web applications. Refer to the below-mentioned reasons to adapt this framework for profitable web app development.

  • Pre-Built App Structure: The framework consists of a pre-built application structure allowing developers to use existing libraries and integrated packages to develop feature-rich apps in less time.
  • Easy to Configure: It is an open-source PHP framework, so it is easy to configure by simply downloading and installing the same. Once installed, you will find effortless loading of the libraries, arrays, databases, and other elements.
  • Small Footprint: it is a lightweight PHP framework that does not demand much space. With just 2MB of downloading space and the user guide, CodeIgniter ensures fast web app development.
  • Pre-Built Components: CodeIgniter consists of pre-built components of the already created applications like session management, email, and database management. It helps CodeIgniter developers to create fast and scalable web apps occupying less space in comparison with other frameworks.
  • Minimum Code Requirement: Due to having predefined components and libraries, CodeIgniter helps to create new libraries and packages using the minimum code requirement.

Follow the Best Practices of CodeIgniter for Custom Web Development

Get CodeIgniter web services for the development of a result-oriented application quickly as compared to other frameworks. There are certain best practices of CodeIgniter that must be followed to develop custom applications in a hassle-free manner.

1. Make the Best Use of Default App Structure

It is best for developers to make the use of default MVC structure that helps to establish a connection between the database and load appropriate views through modals. It further helps you finish the project with striking outcomes.

2. Use ORM Library

As you already know the fact that, Codeigniter consists of pre-built libraries and structure for creating a dynamic application. Another best practice of custom web development is flexibly adding third-party or ORM libraries without any hassle. Doing this helps you extend your application features as per the requirement.

3. Use Codeigniter Form

Use the Codeigniter validation library that helps to facilitate the set of rules, run validations, and display clear messages.

4. Sanitize the Inputs

It is always recommended to properly sanitize your inputs before submitting them same to the database. The app should prevent Structure Query Language (SQL) injections and stores only valid data into the database.

5. Use CI-Preferred Styling & Commenting

Codeigniter provides an exceptional set of styles and commenting to format the code accordingly. It further helps developers to understand the code swiftly.

6. Use Query Caching

The database class is used to cache the queries and reduce the load time. With Codeigniter, you need manually cache the queries and helps load the classes automatically.

7. Create Helpers for Most-Often Used Functions

There are certain functions in the architecture of Codeigniter that are widely used by developers. For this, create the helpers as a set of instructions or functions. Once created and load the helpers because they cannot be loaded by default.

8. Config Directory with All Configuration Information

It is an ideal practice on the part of Codeigniter developers to keep all the configuration files under the config directory. It might be difficult to find them if such files are outside.

Wrapping Up

Codeigniter is a PHP framework rapidly used for custom web development using the MVC architecture. CI offers the developers the extensive functionalities of pre-built components, libraries, and other options to create a well-documented application. It also comprises numerous best practices followed by developers to create a scalable and robust web app in less time and effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is an open-source PHP framework that comes packed with pre-built libraries and integrated packages for custom web development. Just like any other framework of PHP, Codeigniter is also the one that has a difference in terms of faster loading time and scalable app development.

2. How It is Useful in Creating Web Application?

Codeigniter framework features pre-built components including elements of the previous applications, libraries, and pre-written codes. All of these are useful for developers to create fast and robust web application as compared to any other framework.

3. How Much Does it Cost to Develop Codeigniter Web App?

The cost of Codeigniter web app development is based on several deciding factors like the features, size of the app, complexity, number of resources required, and more.

Must Follow Codeigniter Best Practices for Robust Web App Development

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