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The Future of CodeIgniter – Why CodeIgniter is Not Dead?

The Future of CodeIgniter

The fate of CodeIgniter is everything except clear. As opponent systems, particularly Laraval, developed, many were sounding the demise for CodeIgniter. In any case, CodeIgniter is back with another adaptation. Before we think about the eventual fate of CodeIgniter, we should think about the foundation of this structure.

CodeIgniter is an Application Development Framework – a tool stash – for people who fabricate web-native utilizing PHP. Its motivation is to allow you to extend projects a lot speedier than you may on the off chance that you had been composing code without any preparation, using rich solutions of libraries for regularly needed errands, just as a simple interface and coherent shape to get to these libraries. CodeIgniter Development Services assists you with innovatively zeroing in on your venture via limiting the amount of code wanted for a given assignment.

Where conceivable, CodeIgniter Development Services has been saved as adaptable as could be expected, permitting you to work in the manner in which you need, done being constrained into running a specific way. The structure might have core parts handily drawn out or changed to make the framework work how you need it to. So, CodeIgniter is the flexible system that endeavors to offer the instruments you need even as it avoids the way.

What’s New in CI4?

It wasn’t long after CI3 had been delivered that developers started examining the chance of additional updates. Possibly a CodeIgniter 4.0? Thinking about the networks’ demands, the CodeIgniter support at BCIT chose to redesign the structure to rival different systems.

The future variant of CodeIgniter would remember provisions to shape a rich structure for autoloading, security, directing, reserving, and CodeIgniter support. The development cycle is partitioned into three stages, the principal stage is finished. The second, in progress.


Interestingly, CodeIgniter Development Services will currently utilize PHP 7. PHP 7 was delivered last year, and PHP 5.6 is at present in support mode and will be unsupported soon. This took the action to the more up-to-date system, a characteristic change.

Backward Compatibility

The future form of CodeIgniter won’t give Backward Compatibility, given the core changes in the system. This won’t be useful for individuals utilizing more established forms, yet it will give a rich arrangement of provisions for new designers that will assist them with making quality applications quicker.

CodeIgniter 4 likewise can be utilized with order line programs. As in accordance with the super present-day pattern, the limit of the systems gives CLI ease of use and library. Since CodeIgniter 4 the system will likewise be conferring CLI interfaces for particular purposes. Assuming you need to apply CURLRequest in your CodeIgniter Development Services, you should introduce libcurl.

Why CodeIgniter Won’t Die

Low Learning Curve

CI has to a lesser degree an expectation to absorb information than numerous systems and is extremely simple for a novice. Its simple documentation assists engineers with understanding the idea of MVC. It additionally doesn’t have any perplexing setup to set before utilizing.

Broad Libraries/CodeIgniter Support

CI has a magnificent arrangement of libraries and partners that make advancement quicker. A designer can either utilize the current library works or make individual partners and use them anyplace in the application.

Quick Building Capability for MVC Application

MVC has a design broadly utilized by the improvement local area. It is a norm of use advancement. CodeIgniter simplified it for the designer to construct an MVC application rapidly and in a couple of simple tasks.


A perspective on the current situation with the advancement of CI4 makes at the first glance a more than a phenomenal impression. Since this adaptation of the structure as of now calls for PHP 7 as a base need, it’s a long before the diminishing edge of innovation. Regardless, at this point, numerous web organizations and shared site facilitating organizations are not helping the latest PHP adaptations, and therefore a great deal of them can’t offer PHP in form 7.

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