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Is Codeigniter Falls in the Line to Laravel or CakePHP?

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At present, the digital ecosystem is flooded with a vast range of framework options for developers to build quality websites. PHP is a highly used programming language offering a great deal of flexibility in terms of structure and coding patterns. It comes with a host of different frameworks but three of the highly used are Codeigniter, Laravel, CakePHP, and more.

In recent times, we have come across a heated debate among professional developers regarding the best PHP framework. Some have a dilemma in mind concerning Codeigniter Vs Cake PHP- Which one to choose? While few developers have a strong inclination towards Laravel PHP.

In this blog, we will be clarifying the common doubts related to the best PHP framework among the 3 options. Also, we will be bringing light on dusting off with the rumor that CodeIgniter is dead.

Let’s get started.

What is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is the oldest and most-acquired PHP framework for the rapid and fast Codeigniter web development process. It runs on an MVC framework for developing web applications quickly. The active community of Codeigniter developer uses simple routing libraries to provide excellent results and stability. It allows caching the websites to facilitate improved performance and fast loading times. Some of the Codeigniter PHP features include session management, light framework, paging, and data encryption, and search engine friendly URLs.

What is Laravel PHP?

Laravel is also a PHP development framework highly used for developing small to enterprise web applications. The community of Laravel developers follows a comprehensive list of tasks like sessions, caching, routing, authentication, and more. There are plenty of reasons Laravel stays ahead of Codeigniter. It is like having modular packages for dividing the development tasks into small modules and reduce the error rate. Also, Laravel features an auto-loading feature and saves developers efforts to manually maintaining the path.

What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is another PHP framework, best known for its simplicity and light in weight features. It requires fewer codes to develop a result-oriented website in less time. The in-built features of CakePHP like security, cookie, session, email, and request handling makes the development task goes hassle-free. The Object-Oriented model of CakePHP helps to create easy SQL and its libraries are ready to extend as per the developer’s requirements.

Shedding Light on Codeigniter Vs Laravel

The battle of Codeigniter Vs Laravel will only come to an end when you are well-versed with the difference between the two. So, here we have the key differentiators between the two PHP frameworks.

1. Modular Packages

Web development task is a complex process and most of the developers divide this into little modules to streamline the work. In the case of Laravel, this PHP framework offers modules packages that allow developers to separate tasks and reunite them to speed up the development. However, Codeigniter does not offer that feature of modules. It requires a separate Modular Extension to keep up the modules at work.

2. Learning Curve

Codeigniter PHP features a small footprint as compared to Laravel. The Laravel PHP comes packed with a vast range of tools and features as compared to Codeigniter. Thus, the complexity also gets increased with learning everything about Laravel. Whereas, Codeigniter is easy to understand by Codeigniter developer with having a minimum set of functionalities.

3. Database

Codeigniter is said to have a vast number of databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, and Oracle, as compared to Laravel. Also, CodeIgniter further supports oriented, Microsoft Bi, JDBC, and MongoDB. All of these help developers to work with CodeIgniter due to having a large number of databases.

4. Routing

In terms of routing, Codeigniter features implicit and explicit routing. On the other side, Laravel features both along with reverse routing features as compared. It makes Laravel again one step ahead of Codeigniter and offers maximum development flexibilities to developers.

5. Template Engine

Laravel has in-built templates to ease up the web development tasks of developers. Codeigniter developer needs to integrate with template engine to speed up the development process. In short, Laravel templates help to optimize the development work with a great deal of flexibility.

6. Community Support

Laravel and Codeigniter, both are open-source PHP frameworks with another difference in community support. Laravel PHP enjoys the support of a wide community that is proactive than Codeigniter. Hence, get instant web development solutions with Laravel active support and maintenance.

Difference Between Codeigniter and CakePHP

The rising issue of Codeigniter Vs Cake PHP-which one to choose is no longer a hassle by looking at the below-mentioned points

1. Simplicity

Codeigniter offers a simplistic framework as compared to CakePHP. Every Codeigniter developer can do coding within the available libraries themselves and speed up the Codeigniter web development process. However, CakePHP requires a deeper level of coding and library understanding.

2. Model-View-Controller

Both CakePHP and Codeigniter use Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure. In the case of CakePHP, developers can use the MVC model to develop secured websites. However, Codeigniter does allow accessing the MVC model that results in developing insecure codes.

3. Complete Layout

The layout in Codeigniter follows a direct approach. Whereas CakePHP features a default layout mechanism for the implementation of the footer, header, sidebar, and more.

Final Analysis

The comparison is before and all you need is to choose among the three. With several pros and cons, Codeigniter, Laravel, and CakePHP are still the most-acquired PHP frameworks for developing websites. Despite being less in features and functional approach, Codeigniter is still a preferred PHP framework for developers to easily understand the project, create codes fast, and learn with the effective medium. So, hire a Codeigniter developer from a leading and reliable Codeigniter development company, CodeigniterIndia.


1. Is Codeigniter PHP is Outdated?

Codeigniter PHP is no longer dead. It still exists in the PHP development framework. The simplistic, easy to understand, and limited features framework is recognized as the ideal one for developing small websites for various enterprises.

2. In How Much Time Codeigniter PHP Website Will be Developed?

There is no such specific timeline to develop a robust Codeigniter PHP website for your business enterprise. It all depends on your requirements and the number of functionalities to add. Here at CodeigniterIndia, we follow a comprehensive development process to finish off the task in the shortest possible time.

3. What is Your Hiring Model of Codeigniter Developer?

Hire a Codeigniter developer under a flexible hiring model of fixed cost and hourly basis. Depending on your business requirements, get the reliable assistance of an expert Codeigniter partner at cost-effective rates.

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