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Key Reasons to Choose Codeigniter for Web App Development & Follow Best Practices

Web App Development

Creating a compelling web application is a pressing challenge for developers. Looking at the increasing penetration of mobile devices and digitization in businesses, web app development has gone too far. Build scalable, robust, and multi-device supporting web apps to meet the diverse requirements of enterprises.

A majority of website developers prefer creating responsible web apps on a PHP framework. It is one of the widely used programming scripting languages used for developing simples to complex web applications. In a short period, PHP receives tremendous acceptance from developers and enterprises. It has witnessed a record-breaking installation of 2.1 million web servers Also, more than 378 million web applications are based on the PHP framework.

The name of Codeigniter comes a first place in the minds of developers, ever since the increasing popularity of the PHP framework. One of the highly used software and web application development frameworks, Codeigniter runs on MVC (Model View Controller). It offers a vast range of functionalities and extensive toolsets to build profitable web applications.

In this blog, we will shed a bright light on the increasing acceptance of Codeigniter website development services among enterprises. Also, you will look at the best practices for web app development using the Codeigniter framework.

What is Codeigniter PHP Framework?

Codeigniter is a free and open-source PHP framework that is the best among all MVC packages. It offers ready-to-use libraries to work on different components of the web application, then merges them in a hassle-free manner. It is a developer’s choice framework for building robust, scalable, and feature-rich web apps in less time. This is because it is lightweight. You just have to install directly on the hosting with no need to use the command line or software installation.

Top applications like Casio, The Mall & Garden, Buffer, Nissan, and Bonfire are using the Codeigniter framework for their high-traffic web applications.

Understanding the MVC fo Codeigniter Framework Development

You must have heard the term “MVC” many times associated with different PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Laminas, and with of course Codeigniter. But do you know what exactly is MVC? Well, it stands for Model View Controller which is a logical architecture of a web application that comprises of the following:

* Model: It features business logic through effective functioning from database and computation.
* View: It provides a visual presentation of the data.
* Controller: It established the swift connection between models and the views.

The basic functionality is that the controller captures the request made by the user and then routes the same to appropriate models in the web application. The significant response can be seen in views.

Incredible Features of Codeigniter PHP Framework

Codeigniter framework offers helpful features making its choice of people.

* It is free to use the MVC framework. You do not need a license for it.
* It makes the best use of the MVC model to receive user requests, the process to the model, and view in the shortest possible time.
* Liberty to add the small and large library as per the requirement.
* Codeigniter uses a segment-based approach instead of a query-based one. Thus, it is search-friendly and allows a web application to receive an increased set of traffic.
* In-built libraries to fasten up the web application development task.

Best Practices for Codeigniter Application Development

1. ORM Library or Third-Party Data Access Layer: As already mentioned, Codeigniter has pre-built libraries and codes to speed up the web application development process. You can also access third-party libraries to extend the functionalities and enhance the scope of the project.

2. Default Application Structure: The Codeigniter framework helps developers to establish a connection with the database and load the views on models to get striking outcomes.

3. JavaScript or CSS Libraries: It also comprises JavaScript or CSS libraries to create an attractive and engaging UI of the web application.

4. Custom Development with Caching: A number of ORM and third-party libraries in the Codeigniter framework come with a custom cache feature. This can add more to your custom web application development project.

5. Render Views: The Codeigniter framework offers various templates to create and render rich-featured views. It also allows easy integration of templates to create intelligent views.

6. SEO-Friendly URLs: Codeigniter offers the feature to remove index.php from the URL to make it search-friendly. It also involves configuration and htaccess files must be changed to make the code index.php.

7. Error-Handling: The Codeigniter framework offers three primary functions for handling errors and helps to ensure superlative custom web development.

Top Reasons to Choose Codeigniter for Corporate Web Application Development

Being an open-source framework, Codeigniter offers a pre-built application structure for developers to use libraries and pre-written codes. This helps to reduce the time and operational cost of web app development to much extent. Also, the basic toolsets offered by Codeigniter can be easily integrated and optimized for creating custom web applications.

1. Fast Implementation

The execution speed of Codeigniter is unbeatable as compared to the other available frameworks. Having a better time-frame helps to speed up the development process like no one else.

2. Superior Data Classification

Codeigniter offers a summarized framework. It does not have sub-folders that appear like an impediment to the overall development process. This helps developers to enforce fast development of web applications for diverse enterprises.

3. Framework Security

Codeigniter framework comes with several in-built functionalities that result in smooth encryption and decryption process. Thus, it maintains a great deal of data security and functions as beneficial web app framework for numerous companies.

4. Less Codes

Codeigniter uses pre-build codes not allowing developers to write codes from the initial process. As a result, whole web app development process goes seamless and smooth.

5. Optimum Testing

It offers a stage-by-stage testing feature to enhance the development process. Developers can examine all the functions with their performance with better approach and speed.

Wrapping Up

Codeigniter is a universally accepted PHP framework for creating scalable and robust web applications. Having an extensive set of libraries, pre-built codes, packages, and other stronghold features, Codeigniter has become the first choice of web app developers. Hire the professional services of Codeigniter Corporate web application development company to build a profit-oriented web app in less time.

CodeigniterIndia is a top-notch Codeigniter framework development company that offers services to large, medium, and small enterprises. The company has a proven track record of building successful custom web applications for many enterprises belonged to diverse industries.


1. What is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is a part of the PHP programing language. It is an MVC framework used for creating interactive and feature-rich web applications. The in-build libraries connecting the database, performing several actions like managing sessions, sending emails, uploading files, and more.

2. Is Codeigniter Better than Other Frameworks?

Yes, Codeigniter is always one step ahead of other frameworks available. It delivers fast speed, reduced development time, advanced functionalities, and a user-friendly approach.

3. What is the Cost of Developing Web Applications using Codeigniter?

The development cost depends on several factors like the type of features you want, size, nature, and complexity of your business, and other factors.

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