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Top Reasons CodeIgniter is Perfect Web Development Framework in 2021


Advancements in web development technologies have provided plethora of opportunities for the business expansion. It has also helped to boost overall revenues. A business can grow if it has engaging online services that facilitate customer services. Your reputation in the market is ascertained by how reliable your web application is? Thus creating the right web app is important to make an incredible online value.

CodeIgniter is a credible PHP framework to build multidimensional web applications. This framework is also the first choice several business entrepreneurs. We will see how CodeIgniter Development Services is perfect for your web development project in competitive digital world.

Introduction to CodeIgniter

PHP is a renowned server-side scripting language used in different web solutions. It is perfect for blogging site, corporate portal, Q&A site, or any other web solution. To build quality web applications from scratch or customize an existing one, CodeIgniter is a preferable choice. The framework contains plugins, libraries, and other features that helps to build sophisticated processes and functions.

Reasons why CodeIgniter is perfect for Web development project

CodeIgniter comes with various properties and tools. Below are some reasons to choose this renowned for web development project.

  1. Free and Open-source

One of the key benefits of CodeIgniter is free and open-source framework. Businesses search for the most affordable ways to build web solutions. It is the perfect choice to achieve that goal. This requires no license fee, and it can be used to its capabilities for open-source nature. Businesses can select suitable CodeIgniter development services and it doesn’t require premium technology.

  1. Testing Facilities

The current version of CodeIgniter has additional benefits over other PHP frameworks because of its innovative testing facility. It is important for any web application development process. Testing is highly effective and efficient with this method. It helps CodeIgniter Framework Development Company to monitor different functionality as well as promote better approaches. It helps to ease the development process.

  1. Streamlined Configuration

This is another key reason behind the success of the CodeIgniter framework. Being an MVC-based framework, it has an uncomplicated and transparent configuration. To start with it, you just have to download the current version. After this, unzip the folder with a few installation steps, and you are ready to build engaging web apps.

  1. Secure Framework

You will always prefer enhanced web security to ensure that your site or web app is well protected from cyber threats. CodeIgniter offers rock-solid security through varied features and security-rich functionalities. These functionalities have built-in filtering features for input and output. They are laced with encryption and decryption features allowing developers to manage data wisely. It guarantees the highest security of a web application.

  1. Improved SEO

Website ranking is crucial for a business to maintain its online presence and improve revenues. With the help of CodeIgniter framework, it is easy to take benefit of its features for SEO. It is simple to use features including SEO URLs to optimize the search engine optimization on your website. It can help you get a high-ranking website and stay ahead of the competitors. You can easily hire CodeIgniter developer to develop an SEO-friendly website or web application for your business enterprise.

  1. Robust Template Solutions

Today, with the help of pre-built templates in development of web application process has become highly common. They expedite the development and provide quick solutions. CodeIgniter provides an in-built template engine. It helps developers to have a better understanding of the project’s layout from the initial stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the advantage of CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter has several advantages including large community support, structured documentation, streamlined routing method, MVC support, and many more. It is object-oriented and other advantages.

  1. Should I use CodeIgniter?

Each of the PHP frameworks has its advantages as well as relevance. The choice of using any framework relies on your project needs. CodeIgniter is an amazing framework that is highly suitable for range of projects. You can choose the framework if this meets all set of requirements.

  1. Is CodeIgniter good for large applications?

Yes, a few PHP frameworks are perfectly suitable for large-scale applications and CodeIgniter is one of those frameworks. It is a perfect framework for both small and large-scale web application projects.

  1. How long does it take to build a CodeIgniter Application?

We work on strict deadlines to achieve short-term goals. Thus, based on the needs, it would need 2-3 weeks to complete the whole application.


PHP is a reputed server-side scripting language known to build dynamic and interactive web applications. Thanks to PHP, we have websites that are secure and engaging for the end-users. No one wants prefers using plain and static websites today that existed earlier. The growth of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter improved the growth of dynamic web applications. Dozens of PHP frameworks are available to choose having their own set of advantages & benefits. But CodeIgniter is a reputed framework to build top-notch web applications today. A reliable development company can help to build the perfect solution for you. You can hire CodeIgniter developer in order to build a web application as per business requirement.

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