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Effective Ways to Enhance Your Productivity Using CodeIgniter


Due to the core features of the CodeIgniter framework, many businesses prefer to hire CodeIgniter developers for their project development. CodeIgniter is one of the most preferred PHP-based frameworks used for building dynamic websites, including single-page web applications. In this blog post, we will discover a few effective ways to enhance your productivity using CodeIgniter.

As a developer, you may be familiar with the concept of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), which means you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. This is all we do to make our lives much easier as this enhances productivity which ultimately converts to revenue.

As a leading CodeIgniter framework development company, we have shared a few useful tips that will help developers in their CodeIgniter projects and make their lives much easier.

Important Tips to Boost Productivity with the CodeIgniter Framework

1. Implement the HMVC Approach

A Modular HMVC stands for Hierarchy of multiple MVC triads. Break your code into modules as this makes your code clean, legible, easy to maintain, and allows you to reuse code several times in a hassle-free manner. HMVC wiredesignz is one of the most popular tools.

Implementing CodeIgniter modular application development approach is an ideal option as every module handles a specific logic. So, collecting similar controllers, models, and libraries in a single module eliminates confusion and makes it easier for you to remember what you did in this module. This way you can easily copy the module with all its own code.

However, it’s worth noting that HMVC wiredesignz can be used only with CodeIgniter 2 and 3. CodeIgniter 4 makes use of namespaces to manage the modular approach.

2. Make Use of Base/Parent Model

The base model is basically a parent model class that offers functions that every developer needs for CodeIgniter web development. For example, every project requires CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) functionality. So, instead of writing those functions frequently, you can simply call one inherited function using Short syntax and it will do the job.

If you have numerous models, this will enhance your productivity for sure. Also, it will make your model lean as you will focus on the project-specific logic.

As a CodeIgniter framework development company, we suggest you use this CI base model because it is light, simple, and can be customized according to your tasks.

CodeIgniter 4 has its own base model and its syntax is similar to this class.

3. Create Your Own Helper

Typically, in most projects, there was something repeated often and you might have been forgetting to change or feeling lazy to change. For example, truncate functions that count and cut several words, a function to create thumbnails for images to match website design or a function for date conversion.

Collect all the created functions and have your own helper that you can use for CodeIgniter web development. Practicing this method will make your code clean and reduce the amount of effort.

4. Use a Reliable Code Editor

PHPStorm is one of the favorite tools of PHP developers. It provides a code editor for PHP, JS, and HTML with on-the-fly code review, error prevention, and automated refactorings for PHP and JavaScript-based code.

PHPStorm has all the tools essential for a PHP developer. You can manage FTP and VCS with the GIT repository without worrying about commands. You can even create your own shortcuts for repetitive codes to cut down coding time. You can also save these settings anywhere you want to share between multiple computers.

The PHPStorm tool also offers numerous plugins to support stuff like composer, PHP frameworks, content management systems, etc.

However, CodeIgniter not being part of them means that you cannot leverage the benefits of auto-completion. There’s a PHP storm CodeIgniter helper that can help you a lot with auto-complete in the CodeIgniter framework.

Once you download this helper, you can simply copy the code and place it in the parent class which you inherited from in all of your project classes. Thus, it will provide good auto-completion support.

5. Be Smart and Just Google It

The CodeIgniter world is vast and you will have solutions everywhere. So, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just spend enough time on research, reviewing, and analyzing other’s code to enhance your coding skills and productivity.

You can find the solution in the CodeIgniter forum, in CodeIgniter blogs, or in the PHP community. You can then convert it to a CodeIgniter library or helper to make the community rich and resourceful.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the 5 tips for enhancing your productivity using the CodeIgniter framework. As a CodeIgniter framework development company, we make sure to follow the best practices for faster and reliable web app development. Our team of CI developers is committed to growing and enhancing their skills and productivity to deliver the best solutions to our global clients.

If you’re looking to hire CodeIgniter developers for your project, you can contact us right away.


1. Which editor is best for CodeIgniter?

Some of the popular editors for CodeIgniter include PHPStorm, NetBeans, Eclipse, Aptana Studio, CodeLobster, Visual Studio Code, Scriptcase, and Zend Studio.

2. Is CodeIgniter ideal for building large applications?

CodeIgniter is one of the most preferred PHP frameworks for building feature-rich web applications. Many large-scale applications like Buffer and Freedcamp are supported by CodeIgniter and are performing optimally for a long. The CI framework is based on the MVC architecture. If you’re looking to build large, complex applications, you can hire CodeIgniter developers without any worries.

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