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What Makes CodeIgniter Better Than Other PHP Frameworks in 2021?


Amongst 15 PHP frameworks available in the market, CodeIgniter is the one that has become the favorite frameworks of PHP developers. Many businesses and enterprises are investing in CodeIgniter web services and for good reasons. Here in this blog, we have discussed some of the major reasons that make CodeIgniter better than other PHP frameworks in 2021. But before that, we will throw some light on the basics of PHP language and why it is so popular in the IT industry

What is PHP?

PHP is a programming language that is used for developing websites and applications. Currently, there are 15 frameworks built using PHP. All the PHP-based frameworks like CodeIgniter, WordPress, and Drupal with their unique specifications are known for their specific features and qualities.

PHP has emerged as the world’s one of the most preferred languages for web development. The IT industry is envisaged to have the highest number of PHP web development services across the globe than any other technology.

CodeIgniter is one of the most popular children of PHP that we will discuss ahead along with the major reasons that make CodeIgniter better than other PHP frameworks in 2021.

CodeIgniter PHP Framework – Understanding the Basics

Like any other leading frameworks or languages such as Python, C#, or Java, CodeIgniter too is a successful and very popular MVC development platform. The MVC design pattern helps in breaking down program logic into three steps to interpret the information based on the requirement and deliver the complete solution in a desirable manner. In CodeIgniter web services, the controller class is the most critical component, while the Model and View are comparatively less important or even optional.

Today many IT solutions providers are using CodeIgniter for corporate applications development services than any other PHP framework. Below are some of the reasons why you should hire CodeIgniter developers for your project.

Top Reasons to Choose CodeIgniter over Other PHP Frameworks

  1. Easy to Learn

As CodeIgniter is a lightweight application, it is easier to learn and use. The real-time record implementation is one of the remarkable attributes of CI because interaction with data stores in the database is much easier than other PHP-based frameworks.

It allows you to handle multiple databases without separately developing the code for each one of them.  An active record system facilitates easy and secure interaction.

  1. Takes Care of Minor Changes

Since CI takes care of minor changes, the entire work-line does not fail because of those changes and keeps the development process going on without any interruption.

Its larger libraries guide the developers without requiring them to get additional support from experts. Moreover, CI offers client control documentation that helps developers to use the system.

  1. Template-less PHP Framework

Being a template-less PHP framework, it makes it free from limitations. This helps it to improve for the better to enhance the overall website performance. It provides adaptability and the building of centralized libraries for the framework itself. Other than the in-built dynamic functions, CI helps beginners or amateurs to understand and implement its code without the help of an expert.

  1. Clean Source Code

The clean source code makes the program and the applications built using it capable of undergoing complex testing by reducing the risks of significant errors that are usually present in pre-defined library codes. This is another reason why CodeIgniter is used for corporate applications development as large-scale corporate applications often undergo complex testing so that they are bug-free and run optimally.

  1. Keep Security Issues at a Bay

Even though CI has an easy learning curve, the framework does not have many learners in its general database. However, it has set its footprint by keeping the security issues at a bay for its users.

This is why enterprise industry giants like Toast and Udemy are investing in CodeIgniter web services.

  1. Active Community Support

As a part of the huge PHP family, CodeIgniter will always have a community where users can get their problems solved in a very short time.

  1. The Cache Class Feature

CodeIgniter’s Cache class feature has been appreciated a lot as it saves time and from the hustle that earlier was a compulsion, however, now it has been addressed by CI only.

When a user clicks a button, it displays the cached result for the next time even if the button is pressed mistakenly. However, it would not run the entire program or code written for that particular button.

  1. Easy Migration

CodeIgniter ensures easy migration as the expert developers can manage to update the database across various web app fields. In addition to this, they can even edit or manipulate the existing files easily. Thus, it would not affect amateurs with regards to knowledge gaining and other learning aspects.

Apart from this, its dependence on the command line for adding utilities and easy installation process makes CI an ideal choice for many developers.

Final Thought

So, considering the characteristics of CodeIgniter, we conclude that the CodeIgniter PHP framework has an easy learning curve, is easier to adopt and use, and has reliable community support and reputation. It is known for faster execution and its in-built security features. All these reasons make CodeIgniter better than other PHP frameworks in 2021.

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What is CodeIgniter used for?

CodeIgniter is a PHP-based framework used for building web applications quickly. CI comes with excellent libraries that help in connecting to the database and performing several operations such as uploading files, sending emails, session management, etc.

How much does corporate applications development using CI cost?

The cost of corporate applications development using CI depends on many factors. These factors may include the complexity and scale of your application, the number of developers working on your application, the hourly rate of developers, and more.

Can you help me migrate to CodeIgniter?

Yes, of course. Our CodeIgniter migration experts are experienced in offering seamless and reliable migration of your existing web application to CodeIgniter.

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