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What makes CodeIgniter Framework an Apt Choice for Web Application Development?

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Design & Development of scalable and resourceful web applications for user engagement and business expansion is a challenging job. With severe competition in the digital world, reputed application development companies are integrating their best resources and top frameworks like Codeigniter. This strategy will surely improve your business efficiency. PHP is the one of the most popular server-side scripting languages extensively used for web application development. PHP frameworks provide innovative features including easy scalability, advanced security, E-commerce friendly development, and rich in-built features with faster turn-around time.

Ever since PHP and its usage has become a preferred choice of enterprises for application development, a surplus of frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter and CakePHP are available. But, what unites them is their dedication to build better applications on time. Among the different set of frameworks that PHP offers, CodeIgniter is used widely. In this blog post, we find why CodeIgniter Development Services is the most loved frameworks not just in the world of developers but also in the complete business universe.

Introduction to CodeIgniter Framework

Codeigniter is a free, open-source PHP framework offering a ready-to-use library with multiple PHP applications. It is considered as the most popular MVC frameworks and provides out of the box libraries to perform various operations. It is a lightweight framework with no unique command line or software installation is required. Upload the files and you’re ready to go.

Reasons to Use CodeIgniter Development Services

To begin with, it is a well-designed toolkit that is reliable and lightweight to create web solutions that are par excellence. Let us discuss prominent reasons of choosing CodeIgniter to develop web application solutions.

  1. Simple Error Handling

Handling errors has become simple with CodeIgniter needing developer to write a single line code. This will allow you to see all the errors making it simple to rectify them on an immediate basis and carry on the development work smoothly. In addition, the user-friendly interfaces help the user to pick out errors in the application without any trouble.

  1. MVC Based Development

The Model View controller architecture prominently divides the application into model, view and controller that are mutually dependent. The framework allows implementation of the MVC structure to build applications effortlessly. By doing so you end up with creation of the neat and clean codes along with making the whole process sound reasonable and practical enough. Thus you get to lay your hands on a solid process with the MVC based framework.

  1. Strong Security

The security features of the CodeIgniter are remarkable and they will help to choose the intensity of the security that your application required. The data is transferred in a secure manner in decrypted format. Talking about security features you could very well stumble upon remote code execution. XSS attacks, SQL injection are prevented by offering a safe and secure web solution.

  1. Huge Community Support

PHP is the most popular and used scripting language across the globe. It has a large number of people supporting the community. This justifies the scale of the CodeIgniter community. There is a well-established forum that specifically looks into all the troubles and aids developers who are facing trouble in the development process. Community also help CodeIgniter Development Company to build scalable, secure & robust web application.

  1. Fast Execution

The speed in which function are executed is one of the main reasons that has CodeIgniter the most sought-after PHP framework. In simple terms, this framework has the fastest execution time in comparison to all other PHP frameworks. The ease that it offers in migrating from one database to another also marks its ability to compile functions at a great speed. Also, fewer codes are required to type for getting things executed which ultimately saves up your time and energy.

  1. Better Structure

The Codeigniter provides MVC mode and easy-boarding. The MVC architecture is a data-handler with the functionalities that can insert, retrieve and also manage the complete database information. It comprises of data logic, classes, structures and other PHP-related features. Besides data approval the validation also validates the reports by validating module with a set of rules and priority programmed error popups.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is CodeIgniter used for?

CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC framework used for developing web applications rapidly. CodeIgniter provides out of the box libraries for connecting to the database and performing various operations like sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, etc.

  1. Is CodeIgniter good for large applications?

There are a few PHP frameworks available and out of them all Codeigniter is one of the most popular and best frameworks. This is a good option for large scale as well as small scale businesses. If you are looking towards creating a good business web application then this framework will give you a good solution.

  1. What is the cost of CodeIgniter Web Application Development?

The cost of creating a CodeIgniter application depends on multiple features and technologies needed. Only after the initial discussion and the client’s budget, the quote can be prepared.

  1. How long does it take to build a CodeIgniter Application?

We would be working on strict deadlines for achieving short-term goals. So, based on the needs, it would take about 2-3 weeks to complete the whole application.

Wrapping Up

CodeIgniter Development comes with several benefits including homogeneity, compatibility, a great cluster of libraries, or no restrictive coding rules. The MVC framework is the most useful PHP tools, but it is recommended you to hire Codeigniter developer from a reputed development company like us to build high-caliber web applications.

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