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Why Codeigniter Framework is Highly Acquired for Web App Development?

Codeigniter Framework

Want to get noticed with your scalable, interactive, and feature-rich web application?

Well, that’s what everyone wants and pursue in the realm of the competitive digital business environment.

The favorable approach is to develop a user-friendly and appealing application using the most advanced development framework.

Concerning the above, PHP is the most preferred and universally acclaimed programming language. It is highly used for developing simple to complex websites and application. And, consists of several web development frameworks out of which Codeigniter takes the lead.

Codeigniter is an open-source web app development framework that is in high demand these days due to several reasons. Here, we will be bringing light on the important factors of the Codeigniter module and plugin development for you to decide & create a profit-driven application.

But before that let’s have a look at the basic of the Codeigniter framework.

What is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is an open-source PHP framework that is highly used for creating web applications rapidly. It is easy to use by developers while having a basic knowledge of PHP. This framework has a small footprint and consists of several modules and plugins to save time and efforts of developers not to create the same code again and again.

Most importantly, Codeigniter is an MVC framework. MVC stands for Model View Controller that helps to connect the front-end and back-end of the websites. It further helps to provide separate views to look after the changes and makes the process simple for developers.

Top Reasons to Consider Availing Codeigniter Module & Plugin Development Services

If you have decided to create a profitable web application for your business, then Codeigniter is an apt choice of framework. To support this, we have a few key reasons to avail of Codeigniter web app development services for your next project.

1. Completely Based on MVC Architecture

The biggest reason to rely Codeigniter framework because it is based on MVC that enables the overall dependency of the platform.

MVC is a web app designing template that is structured into three parts to execute personalization without any issues.

The three sections of MVC are as follows:

* M for Model: It is responsible for data maintenance and forming the base of the layer:
* View: The data is utilized and forwarded to the user.
* Controller: It helps to keep all the above sections linked with each other.

2. Helps to Remove Irrelevant Libraries

In instances, when developers do not need an irrelevant set of libraries, then they can remove the same under the Codeigniter framework. It helps to save space and moves the server fast. Also, it helps developers to save time in developing feature-rich web application without finding any hassle.

3. Scale Down the Server’s Response Time

It is important to consider the server response time and provide an improved user experience to customers. It is a time that server takes to browse the request.

In case, your website has a higher server response time, then there are chances of increasing bounce rate. On the contrary, less server response time will have effective results on your application.

Codeigniter is available with better hosting services, utilizes few resources, and offers technologically advanced features to lower the server response time frame.

4. Increase Web App Handling

Codeigniter comes packed with an exclusive set of libraries like unit testing, calendars, emails, modules, and several others. It also includes default aids that assist developers in managing an array of things and data files. All of this helps Codeigniter a preferred choice of framework meeting diverse requirements of websites.

5. Make Use of the Latest Security Tools

Security has no issue with the availability of the Codeigniter framework. It features a series of inbuilt security tools and safe techniques to safeguard the website against bugs and errors. It thus helps to improve the overall performance of the web application without finding any irregularity. Moreover, Codeigniter offers encryption and decryption techniques to further safeguard your application and continue offering amazing features to users.

6. Form Validation

This feature helps developers a lot in collecting files data in a proper format. It further makes the job of a developer simple and easy. The Codeigniter framework makes personalized validation simple for developers and further provides several figures of ingredients from validations.

7. Easy Learning Curve for Developers

Learning Codeigniter is much simple as compared to other PHP frameworks. It offers an easy documentation process and material to developers to understand the best of the MVC framework. Overall, it makes the configuration less complicated for the fast development of Codeigniter based web application.

8. Simple Error Handling

Using the Codeigniter framework, developers can easily fetch errors reports and the process is completely transparent, safe, and easy during the web app development stages.

This particular feature saves the messages for debugging as text files by rendering instructions to the error-logging class. It helps in experiencing a minimum level of failure without finding any flaws.

Final Note

So, the future lies with Codeigniter as one of the superiors web app development frameworks. Industry of different types can rely on Codeigniter to build an interactive, agile, and scalable application for the success of the business at large.

If you are thinking of a result-oriented web app development, then get in touch with a Codeigniter module development company like CodeigniterIndia. It is a leading organization that offers scalable assistance of a profitable web app infused with advanced features and functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Codeigniter Fast as Compared to Other Frameworks?

Yes, Codeigniter is fast in terms of having a small footprint, requires less space, offers easy documentation, and performs better than another framework. It is the lightest among all that helps developers to create error and bug-free application in the shortest possible time.

2. Do you Provide the Accessibility of the Source Code of Codeigniter Web App?

Yes, you will get the intellectual rights of the source code. We will provide you with complete ownership of the same once the project is completed. It allows you to make further altercations in the web application as per your requirements.

3. What is the Estimated Cost of Web App Development Based on Codeigniter Framework?

It all depends on your requirements, size of the web application, featured required, budget, complexity, and several others factors. Here, at CodeigniterIndia, we offer you scalable and robust solutions at a cost-effective price.

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