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Why Codeigniter is the Finest Website Development Framework for Enterprises?

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Online space is vigorously expanding with every third enterprise is going online to reach a wide spectrum of audiences. Using Codeigniter web services has become a primary concern for people to build a powerful, scalable, flexible, and agile website or web app. By looking at the already established players like Casio, Buffer, Nissan, The Mail & Guardian, and Bonfire, enterprises are inclined towards developing goal-oriented websites using the Codeigniter framework.

You cannot deny the fact that developing a resourceful web application is a pressing challenge. By looking at the heat of the competition, pioneer web development company like CodeigniterIndia is expanding its reach towards high-performance development frameworks and Codeigniter is one of them.

A majority of people must have heard about PHP which is a scripting language for website building. It is known for features like developing websites that have enhanced security, enough room for development, faster-turn around time, and rich built-in features.

As of today, more than 379 million applications are running on PHP out of which a majority of them have Codeigniter functionality inside.

Thus, in this blog, we bring light to the statement that as to how Codeigniter is the best web app development framework for any size of enterprise.

What is Codeigniter Framework?

Codeigniter is a project-oriented open-source PHP framework. Website developers make the best use of the Codeigniter framework for developing PHP websites due to having a ready-to-use library. It further allows developers to write codes from the scratch mainly to add versatile functionalities in web applications. When it comes to rapid and dynamic website development, there is an increasing emphasis on PHP-powered Codeigniter plugins, modules, and a vast range of accessible libraries.

Not just in development from the initial stage, Codeigniter is a best-preferred PHP framework for doing consistent development while accessing easy-to-use tools and efficient interfaces.

Compelling Features of Codeigniter 

Codeigniter boasts of impressive features that allow developers to shorten the task of developing dynamic web applications.

  1. Free to Access: As already mentioned above, Codeigniter is an open-source framework that is free to use. Developers just need to install it and ready to access the same.
  2. MVC Framework: The Codeigniter framework uses the Model-View-Controller to develop intricate web apps. It helps designers to connect different libraries with the database in a hassle-free manner.
  3. Blunder Handling Approach: Early detection of code mistakes during the development process is one of the fortes of the Codeigniter framework. It understands the interface mistakes in the beginning and maintains the quality of your website.
  4. Light Weight: Codeigniter boasts a small collection of libraries making it lightweight. Also, developers can add external libraries swiftly to create dynamic web apps.
  5. SEO-Friendly URLs: Codeigniter uses the segment-based approach as compared to the standard query-based approach. It implies creating SEO-friendly URLs of the website for getting maximum traffic.

Advantages of Codeigniter for Web Development

Here, you can look at the favorable benefits of availing Codeigniter development services to create an information-rich application or a profitable eCommerce platform for your enterprise.

  1. Bugs Handling

Developing a flawless and error-free website has of utmost importance to maintain the level of seamless user experience. Codeigniter framework is known for its early detection of bugs due to having a simple interface. This is one of the reasons most enterprises rely on Codeigniter website development for building an error-free web app in a short period.

  1. High-End Security

Security is a priority for a business website. And, Codeigniter is a perfect choice for creating high-end secured platforms having different encryption and decryption features inside. Especially for creating eCommerce platforms, Codeigniter is an apt choice of framework for deploying secured payment getaways and maintaining a high-level of security standards.

  1. Customization

Developing a customized website is a matter of ease with the Codeigniter framework. It bestows benefits like quick error fixing and configuring the files in simple form to build a customizable website. Thus, you can rely on professional Codeigniter developers to serve your requirements of adding customized features in web apps.

  1. Seamless Migration

Experience a hassle-free migration of data from your platform to the Codeigniter. This framework ensures smooth update and migration of information from one platform to another. For any hassle, you can count on the professional expertise of the vast community of Codeigniter that is always available to help you.

  1. Step-By-Step Testing

Codeigniter provides a test-driven development advantage to developers. It enables the developers to test the web application on every single stage of development to improve its efficiency level. Every development phase can be checked early to remove mistakes or errors and ensure clean and flawless deployment at the later stage.


There are strong reasons to rely on Codeigniter development services. It offers manifold benefits like compatibility, scalability, a vast range of libraries, and homogeneity for creating the most useful PHP web applications.

As a prominent Codeigniter development company, we at CodeigniterIndia can bring your enterprise an extraordinary opportunity to create customized web applications having robust functionalities inside.


  1. What is PHP?

PHP is a website development scripting language containing various useful frameworks including Codeigniter to develop dynamic and fast loading web applications. A majority of enterprises rely on PHP frameworks for developing result-oriented websites that belong to diverse industry verticals.

  1. Is Codeigniter Website Scalable?

Yes, the Codeigniter website is completely scalable. The custom functionalities of the websites allow developers to expand the features as per the nature and demand of your business.

  1. What is your Cost to Develop Codeigniter Web Application?

The cost of developing the Codeigniter framework application is different for different enterprises. All that matters is your requirement, type of business, the complexity of the project, and features you like to add.

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